The Practice

Kenny Solicitors was started in 2009 by Victoria & Louise Kenny. They were shortly joined by Susanne Spurling and later by Emma Grundy and Susanna Williams (together with all our wonderful support staff!) Intended as a small family business we have grown over the years but have been determined to keep the same idea that we started with - friendly, straight forward Conveyancing and Wills.    

Our Managing Director is Louise Kenny and with her name 'over the door' she keeps a close eye on all parts of the business as well as being a full time conveyancer! If you have any questions or concerns she will always take your call.

We understand what a stressful experience moving home can be and whether you are a seasoned "mover" or a novice we and our staff are committed to providing you with the best possible service. We encourage you to telephone whenever you feel that you need advice or just reassurance and we promise that you will never be made to feel as though you are wasting anyone's time!

Telephone Calls:

Our main phoneline is open from 8am to 4pm. Our direct lines are open from 8am to 5pm. The main line will normally be answered by Louise, Lorna or Sophie. We do not have a reception and whoever answers the phone can usually help with most things.

Obviously we can't always answer every call so on occasion or out of hours you may be answered by a voicemail. By all means leave a message and we will call you back as soon as we can.

Whilst we try to deal with all calls efficiently, inevitably system failure or human error could mean that your call is lost in the system or your message not passed on.  If this should happen obviously we apologise and would ask you please not to hesitate to call in again should your message not be returned within a reasonable period of time (or indeed, if you are about to go out).

E Mails:

E mails are our preferred means of communication for speed and economy although we would not wish you to feel excluded just because you are not a regular email user or do not have a computer. We are still happy to use the post or indeed work more on the telephone.

Messages sent after hours will be picked up first thing in the morning. Please remember that the system is not infallible so, if you do not receive the response that you are expecting then please do check that your email has been received. We will always acknowledge your email with a quick message even if a fuller reply has to wait for later.

Text Messages:

Generally we do not use this means of communication however, on occasions, it may be possible to arrange for a text message to be sent to you if the need arises.

We do spend a lot of the time on the telephone giving advice and chasing up other solicitors so it may be, therefore, that you are not able to speak to us immediately when you telephone in.  Please do leave a message and we will always give you a call back.

If there should be something that you are not happy about we would encourage you to be honest with us. We would far rather know about a potential problem whilst it is still capable of being resolved rather than try to sort it out afterwards!

We would like to feel that you would be able to recommend us to family and friends and we welcome any feedback even if it is not positive. We can only make things better if we know where we might be going wrong. If you feel that there is any area in which we could improve or anything that we could have done to make things easier for you then we would appreciate hearing about it!